More About The Needles 2: Colors!

I often get asked about the needles I use, specifically about the difference in the colors of the needle handles. Frequently the handles of the needles that acupuncturists use are made of metal wire that is wrapped around the shaft of the needle. The needles that I prefer have plastic handles which are color-coded. The colors indicate the thickness of the needle. I use different thicknesses for different people and conditions. As a rule of thumb, I will start by using the thinnest gauges that I feel will be effective in treating the person, and may go up or down in thickness depending on the body’s response to the treatment.

It’s worth noting here that all the needles I use are very thin gauges — the thickest being the light blue handles which are 0.20 mm in diameter, and the thinnest being the dark blue handles which are half that, or 0.10 mm. The most common gauges I use are in between: the red handles which are 0.16 mm and the green ones are 0.12 mm thick. As a point of comparison, the average human hair is between 0.06 and 0.12 mm, which means that the needles I favor are about as thick as a hair. I make comfortable treatment a high priority.

After all of the selected treatment points have been needled, I will make sure you’re feeling okay. In my style of acupuncture, you should be able to rest naturally for 30 to 45 minutes without being distracted by the needles. If you feel any discomfort at any of the points being treated, let me know and I will make adjustments to alleviate it and allow you to relax fully to get the most benefit from your treatment.