Telehealth Services

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a service that helps me support your health goals, all done through the Internet. Through my telehealth platform (hosted by an internet company called Practice Better), we can discuss your health challenges over a secure video chat line, and I can share my recommendations and tools for helping return you to a more balanced state of well-being.


How does it work?

You request a session through my bookings page at Practice Better, my telehealth platform. I will send a confirmation and an invite to Practice Better, which you will need to join in order to meet. Through the online patient portal, I will send you some forms to fill out, including a health questionnaire. When the appointment time arrives, we meet for an initial video consultation, which takes about 30 minutes. I will recommend some things that should help (see below), and a follow-up plan. Generally we continue to meet every couple of weeks, once a month, or whatever is needed.


What kinds of health support can you offer through the Internet?

The options are many! But the most frequent ways I use are:

Chinese herb formulas

These are available in the form of pre-made pills, or customized formulas devised especially for you. All of the products are meticulously tested and certified under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Cost for the herbs will vary – premade formulas are usually less expensive than custom formulas – but generally run about $20-50 a week. I can ship formulas, or have them compounded and shipped to you.

It is common for the recommended formula(s) to change as the state of your health changes, so I usually schedule regular follow-ups to make sure the formula you are taking is appropriate for your current needs. In the beginning stages of the treatment plan, follow-ups are scheduled at closer intervals; then, as you progress toward your goals, they will typically be less frequent.


Chinese dietary recommendations

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), diet is looked at as an integral part of treatment. Foods are classified by energetic properties, just like herbs and acupuncture points. Once we’ve determined your key imbalances according to TCM, we can support you with information about foods to choose (and foods to avoid), which can be a powerful aid in improving your energy, mood, and symptom levels.



Most of the points used in acupuncture can be treated without using needles. They can be pressed, massaged, warmed with a focused heat source, or anointed with essential oils. One of my favorite ways to treat acupressure points is with small magnets, with special methods I learned from Japanese master acupuncturists. I can send you the magnets, with diagrams of the points, and video instruction to ensure their correct application.

If you would like to learn more, you can click here to be taken to my Telehealth portal.